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Yes, Rowing Form Matters

Dont be fooled by hype I was watching a video from a popular boutique gym that prominently highlights rowing. During an artistic pan across the rowing section (which featured glistening models hard at work), the “instructor” can be heard in the background...

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Proper Rowing Form: Reverse Pick Drill

Proper Rowing Form with Total Row Rowing has always been a sport where form is paramount, and it’s no different at Total Row. Without the proper order, timing, and power, rowing becomes ineffective, and sometimes, painful. Practicing your form with drills...

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How to Lower Your 500m Race Time

For anyone that’s taken a class at Total Row, you know that we finish each session with one of our 3 races: 1) 500m for time, 2) 1:30 for distance, or 3) Tabata for distance. We believe this provides a great trackable metric, and a fun way to test against...

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Corporate Wellness is No Longer Optional

Over the last decade, corporate wellness programs have become one of the most sought-after, and vital investments a company can make in its employees. It has been proven time and time again that investing in the the mental health and physical wellness of your staff...

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