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Low Impact. Community Focused.

Results Driven.

Total Row is a full service fitness boutique in Marietta Atlanta.

Total Row classes are always rowing-centric, making them low-impact, total body, and effective! Its program is unmatched in both quality and community. Total Row Marietta’s classes are small enough to provide a customized, scalable experience, but large enough to enjoy the energy of a group fitness class.

No rowing or fitness experience required!

Rowing is taking over the fitness world, and Total Row Marietta offers you a FREE WEEK to learn why!

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Total Row Marietta Classes

Find diversity and quality with our 4 different class types. Each class has a different focus daily and programming that constantly evolves to give you the exact workout you need.  While every class includes rowing, the rowing amount, intensity, and style will change.

Total Row goes WAY beyond just the rowing machine. In the TR and Circuit classes, your Coach will utilize TRX bands, Slamballs, Kettlebells, and bodyweight exercises. The famous Row + Flow class includes yoga!  

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Total Row’s Secret Sauce

Learn what makes us tick, how we design classes, and why our program works for EVERYONE!

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Whether you couldn’t tell a rowing machine from a spin bike, or have been rowing your entire life, we’ve got you covered!

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