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Whether you’ve rowed your entire life, or are learning to row for the first time, we have you covered! Total Row is the first, largest, and premier rowing-centric studio in Atlanta.

We have taught thousands how to row, and are now providing you with our tips in one, concise location. This “Learn to Row” page features video explanations, tips, tricks, and blog posts to help you become the best rower possible.

Great gym, great atmosphere, great instructors. The class is upbeat and the environment is supportive and energetic. The instructors pay close attention to your form and encourage good technique for optimal gains. I rowed seriously for a year prior to moving to Georgia so I feel qualified to say that Total Row is great and I hope that more people catch on to rowing in Atlanta!

Susan A.

At Total Row, it’s as easy as 1-2-3! (Legs, Core, Arms)

In a Total Row class, we teach our form so that it’s simple, effective, and easy to perfect! To do this, we just need to remember a simple phrase: legs, core, arms.

Legs: This is where our stroke starts. Before leaning back or breaking the arms, push your feet as hard as you can into the foot board. This builds momentum from the strongest part of your body – the legs!

Core: Once your legs are nearly flexed, begin to lean back. This motion continues the momentum from your legs and into your core.

Arms: Only at the very end of the stroke do you want to bring your hands into the strernum. This will allow your back and arms to take advantage of maximum momentum.

Recovery: To recover, just reverse the order: arms, core legs! Slow your tempo down so that the timing of the recovery is slower than the power phase.

Below, you will find the complete Total Row video series on the Perfect Rowing Stroke!

Watch all 4, and then come test your knowledge in one of our scalable, group fitness classes!

Want to learn more? Check out our VLOG for more great videos!

Video 1 – Posture

This video focuses on the posture of a rowing stroke and how to get started.

Video 2 – Leg Drive

This video concentrates on our leg drive, the most important part of the power phase.

Video 3 – Recovery

This video focuses on the recovery part of the stroke. Not to be forgotten, the recovery is a crucial phase of our full rowing stroke.

Video 4 – Lower Split Time

This is the final video in the series, and it provides tips on using everything we’ve learned to row with the lowest split time (aka go the fastest!).

Don’t forget our world famous blog

The Total Row blog is your stop for all information related to rowing. Our blog has tips on lowering your split time, articles about how rowing compares with other forms of fitness, and more!

Have a question about rowing form, or want to sign up for your free week? Just shoot us an email below!

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