Secret Sauce


The Perfect Excercise in the Perfect Format

We don’t believe in gimmicks. We don’t believe in flash. We don’t believe in the next hottest fitness trend. We believe in you and the boundless potential you hold.

At Total Row, you will experience a fitness program unlike any other. Our program was developed with rowing as its core foundation. Commonly referred to as the “Perfect Exercise,” rowing can build aerobic capacity and strengthen your entire body, all at little to no impact to your joints.

If this isn’t enough, we incorporate Kettle Bells, Slam Balls, Suspension Bands, and more in our signature TR45 class, to ensure that each workout is perfectly tailored to deliver the optimum calorie burn and strength development. No class is longer than 45 minutes, as efficiency and effectiveness is paramount.

Total Row is much more than just a gym. It is a place to build your confidence, meet new friends, lose those final few pounds, or push yourself to be a little stronger. You have all the tools for success. We are just here to help you find your way!


    Total Body


    Rowing, all by itself, burns up to 900 calories an hour by using approximately 90% of your body on
    each and every stroke. This is REMARKABLE, and forms the foundation of the Total Row program.
    In our all-rowing Row30 and Row45 classes this is all you need. In our signature TR45 classes,
    we add interval-style strength training sets to ensure your entire body is feeling it. With a
    new class and focus area each day, you are guaranteed to blow through any training plateaus and
    reach your desired results.

  • Zero Impact

    Zero Impact


    Knee problems? Overweight? Cross-training? Just getting back into working out? We’ve got you covered!
    Rowing allows you to sit down (and not on those tiny cycling seats), remove the pounding on your
    body, and shift your weight from a hindrance to an advantage. Stop beating yourself up with other
    forms of exercise that take you out of the game for days, week, or months at a time. Rowing is
    zero impact, making it the perfect exercise whether you are recovering from injury, making your
    way back into fitness, or cross-training.

Total Row Daily Focus Area

  • Monday – Upper Body

    Our focus will be on the chest, back, and arms, with the core sprinkled throughout. Look for compound exercises, as well as spot training our favorite areas. The rowing will be diverse, but intervals and mixed sets
    will appear regularly!

  • Tuesday – Total Body

    Everything is fair game!

  • Wednesday – Lower Body

    Our focus will be on the lower half of the body, including quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves. These workouts will also usually feature a more pronounced core section. Rowing will focus on power sets and strength building.

  • Thursday – Total Body

    Everything is fair game!

  • Friday – Core + Plyo + TRX

    Longer core sets, mixed in with suspension training and plyometrics (jumping!). This is the perfect class for building your core strength, while watching your heart rate soar!

  • Saturday – Total Body

    Everything is fair game!

  • Sunday – Total Body

    Everything is fair game!


What No Other Gym Can Provide You

What makes Total Row different? Community. Most other gyms are just overpriced rooms filled with various types of heavy equipment. There’s no soul. There’s no passion. You deserve better than this, and your money should give you much more than this.

Total Row is more than a gym. It is a place to feel welcome, supported, and appreciated. It is a place to challenge yourself with our daily races, and a place to watch your progress on our TR Tracker.

We are family-owned and operated, and wouldn’t have it any other way. This is not a soulless franchise. This is a family, and the only crew you need.