Ultimate Package

TR Ultimate Package

$400 monthly value for just $189/month!

Personal Coaching + Nutrition + Unlimited Membership

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The Total Row Ultimate Package is the perfect combination of PERSONAL TRAINING, NUTRITION, and GROUP FITNESS!
Our individualized program provides members dedicated, personal coaching over a 3-month period. Ultimate members will have the accountability, individual coaching, and customized nutritional services of a personal trainer, PLUS the camaraderie and support of our ENTIRE crew! To up the ante, each package includes personal nutrition services from Megan Kober of The Nutrition Addiction (don’t worry, she doesn’t do diets!).
Because this program is more PERSONAL training than group fitness, we can work towards any goals you have and around any injuries or limitations. To help with this, we will customize the program and nutrition to fit your exact needs! You can see some of our more popular options below. Many include specialized, COMPLIMENTARY add-on packages outside of a traditional fitness program!

For details on the program, see below!

  • 3-month Olympic membership (unlimited classes)
  • Nutritional Services provided by registered dietician Megan Kober of The Nutrition Addiction.
    This includes an initial consultation, 3 follow up appointments*, unlimited email access, and the Ultimate Package nutrition cheat sheet
  • SMART goal setting, weekly/monthly exercise prescription, and help with scheduling
  • Initial fitness assessment including (optional) before photos, weight, and measurements
  • Monthly accountability check ins/evaluations for goals, measurements, and progress photos
  • Track Personal Records across a variety of metrics
  • Final review with after pictures, weight and measurements, and final fitness assessment

*extra appointments available for an additional charge

Special Complimentary Add-on Packages:

Training during and after pregnancy

  • Because rowing is such an effective low-impact exercise, it is the perfect way to maintain health and fitness during pregnancy. We will use both TR45s and Row45s in this plan, maximizing your training plan for how you feel through your entire pregnancy! This plan is applicable both during your pregnancy, as well as post-natal.
  • Equally important, your nutrition needs change during your pregnancy. Our custom plan will make sure that both mom and baby are receiving the nutrition they need!

Sweating for the Wedding

  • We have partnered up with Emily Dickens (Owner and Wedding Planner Extraordinaire) of Wild Night Events to offer you a free 1-hour consultation to help with any wedding questions you may have!
  • We will tailor your fitness plan to help with the look you are going for at the time you need it.

Drop those pounds bootcamp

  • Sometimes you need a plan that jump starts your health, helps you drop those final pounds (or start the first ones), get summer ready, or just fit into your clothes better! Our classes are scalable to any fitness level or ability, and by burning up to 900 calories an hour, can really boost a weight loss plan. Your nutrition plan will match your projected calorie burn, and make sure you are dropping pounds and inches at a safe rate.

Training for a Road Race

  • One on one race running coaching (anything from a 5k to a marathon) with Elliott Smith whose experiences include D-1 cross-country and track at Auburn University, as well as an Ironman!
  • Tailored schedule will fit your rowing training with a smart running plan that will fit into your busy schedule, while helping you accomplish the goals you set.

Get creative

  • Remember, this plan is about YOU! We are here to help you reach your health, wellness, and confidence goals, no matter how big or small. A dedicated fitness plan, a supportive crew, and a tailored nutrition guide will get you there!