Class Types

Total Row offers a variety of classes to fit your exact need! Every class is low-impact, scalable, and full of our great community.

If you are recovering from injury, are just getting back to shape, or have never rowed, we suggest our Row45 as a first class. This class is all-rowing, and filled with lots of great instruction. Breaks will be offered throughout the class, and participants can scale the class to their fitness level!

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Total Row Classes


This is our bread and butter signature class. TR 45 is 45 minutes of rowing intervals, HIIT strength training, and fast-paced fun. We incorporate different tools such as kettle bells, and the always-fun slam balls, to keep the workout fun and challenging. This is your complete workout plan, all in one easy to follow and fun class!   Book a TR45 Class!


The Row45 program is a unique rowing class that captures all the elements of competitive, on-water rowing. From “Skills and Drills” to “Waves and Recoveries,” and the final build up to a friendly but competitive “Race,” Row45 quickly converts first-timers to devoted team members.   Book a Row45 Class!

Row60 - Advanced

The Row60 Advanced class is 60 minutes of rowing, and it is one of the most effective fitness classes you can take. The class focuses on split time, efficiency, and power. Because this class requires a more in depth knowledge of rowing, we require all participants to have completed at least 5 other Total Row classes.


Only have 30 minutes before work? Need to fit in a quick workout during lunch? Can’t find enough time for an hour-long traditional workout? We’ve got you covered with our quick, calorie-torching 30 minute Row 30 class. You will get a full rowing-only workout, all in just 30 minutes. Row 30 is fast and fun, and if you are stretched for time, this is your best option from any Buckhead or Atlanta gym.  Book a Row30 Today!

TR Circuit

The TR Circuit class is fast, fun, and a major calorie torcher! Each class will feature a set number of stations that members will rotate through. Stations will be timed using our rower station. Participants will rotate together depending on how fast the rowers complete their distance, helping to foster accountability and team building! Classes will utilize all of Total Row’s equipment, which could include: TRX bands, strength bands, kettle bells, slam balls, and more!

This class appears on different days and times throughout our schedule. The class is designed by each trainer, allowing every session to be unique and tailored to that teacher’s specialty! The TR Circuit class has a variable amount of rowing.

Row + Flow

We have managed to combine 2 awesome workouts into 1! Row + Flow is a 60 minute class that is 30 minutes of high-intensity, low-impact rowing, following by a 30 minute yoga flow. These classes are taught by the best yogis in Atlanta!

Come try out one of the most unique classes around!

TR Watermark

A TR Watermark class is just like a TR45 with one major difference: rather than a race at the end, each class will begin with a unique challenge. These challenges allow the participant to test themselves across a variety of fitness skills!

Each quarter will consist of a full Watermark Week. Every TR45 during the week will be a Watermark class, and each day will feature a different challenge. Come back each Watermark week to retest the challenge again and see if you improved!

The Watermark Challenge schedule is listed below:

Monday: Plank for Time

Tuesday: 2k Row for Time

Wednesday: 2 min Max Slam Ball Burpees

Thursday: 5 min Row for Distance

Friday:  Circuit for Time

Saturday: 2k Row for Time (or member option)

Sunday: 5 min Row for Distance (or member option)