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Great Question! Rowing is as easy as strapping your feet in, driving with your legs, hinging at the waist, and pulling your arms to your chest (before reversing back to the starting position of course!). We always advise that first timers come in about 15 minutes early in order to get acclimated with your equipment, fire questions at your helpful instructor, and practice a few strokes. One rule to follow…Don’t feel embarrassed as a first-timer…we all started somewhere, and we are here to help you!

Even better question! Rowing is a phenomenal workout for a few important reasons: (1) Rowing is a complete exercise, working 9 major muscle groups and burning up to 900 calories an hour; (2) It is zero impact, meaning you can delay that knee replacement surgery a few more years; and (3) Anyone can do it, as our WaterRowers respond to your effort, making the workout as hard or easy as you want.

What, you have a problem with rowing? OK, so everyone needs a little spice in their life, which is why we offer our world famous TR45 class.  A TR45 class is approximately half rowing and half total body, HIIT-style training. Every class is different, including the exercises, focus areas, and even the class styles. We promise to keep you guessing every time you come in, which is exactly what your body needs!


I love your enthusiasm.  Here is exactly what you need to do:

  1. Pat yourself on the back for making a great decision
  2. Sign up for your FREE week here
  3. Pick a class and time that fits your schedule! Confused, you can always ask!

Yes. If you are completely new to fitness and rowing, we encourage you to take our Row45 class as your first one. It gives you the basic progression from skills and drills, all the way through a fun, simulated race at the end. You can always go at your own pace, and our crew will support you the entire time. Once you get your feet wet here, try our TR 45 class to incorporate off-machine exercises that utilize kettle bells, slam balls, TRX, and your own body weight.

So let’s talk this through. We actually offer THREE ways that you can take a class with us:

  1. Drop-ins: Want to buy classes one at a time, or just use rowing as a supplement to your normal workout?  We’ve got you covered. This option lets you buy as many, or few classes as you like.
  2. Packages: This is one level above buying a single class.  Our different packages contain a certain number of classes (at discounted prices), and you are free to use them as quickly or slowly as you like.
  3. Memberships: Now we are talking. Memberships offer the deepest discount on classes, and come in different levels of CLASSES PER MONTH. Memberships require a payment method on file to be run each month. Run out of classes in a month? You can buy more at a deeply discounted rate. Memberships require a 30 day notice for cancellation.

As always, if you want more information or help in determining which is best for you, Contact Us or visit our Pricing page.

Our system allows you to reserve your spot in advance.  With great power comes great responsibility. If you need to cancel, please do so at least 2 hours in advance so as not to incur a penalty ($13 charge for unlimited members, 1 class for all other members and package holders).

Sometimes you have to feed the elephant in the room, and yes, we are on Class Pass.

Yes, we have multiple options for corporate membership! Visit the Corporate Membership page first to see your options, and then send us an email at studio@totalrowfitness.com to learn more!


For your first class, please arrive at least 10-15 minutes early.  Our instructors will make sure you are properly set-up, and they will also give you a brief demonstration if needed.  We want to not only ensure you understand the proper mechanics and safety procedures, but also so that our trainers are not distracted from the rest of the class. If this is your first class, please be courteous of other members and be on time and ready for the class to start.

Yes.  We have one full shower, and two separate bathrooms.  We also provide our famous chilled, lavendar towels to help you cool off.

Besides a positive attitude and closed-toed shoes? No. We will provide your mat, equipment, and a towel.  We also have a water fountain in the studio, but you are obviously welcome to bring whatever extra refreshment you need. We even have free espresso!

Anywhere that is marked for “Tuxedo Festival” parking is OK for our class.  Please be aware that if you are taking one of our world-famous lunch time classes, the parking lot does get full – so you may want to arrive a few minutes early.  If the main lot is full, parking is available in the lot adjacent to Hal’s (and is also marked as Tuxedo Festival Parking). Running late and need a last minute option? The parking lot does have a valet for use during peak hours, but it is operated separately from RHF and we do not control pricing.

NO!! Oh wait, sorry. No… We pride ourselves on being a motivational, but fun and community environment.  We will never try to hard sell you on anything, or barrage you with constant emails and phone calls. If this ever does happen, or you feel uncomfortable in any way, please let us know immediately.

While nearly the same thing, we are “technically” not doctors, and you should ALWAYS consult one before starting any workout program.  With that legal disclosure out of the way, one of rowing’s primary benefits is that it’s effective but very low impact.  This is great for pregnant women, as well as anyone recovering from a surgery, or that has just been out of the game for awhile.  Our Water Rowers and class style allow you to set your own tempo, and we welcome anyone to come in and give it a shot. If you fall into this camp, always let our instructors know when you arrive!


The best way to get in contact with us about partnerships is through our Partners page. We are always interested in exploring new partnerships (both big and small), and would love to hear from you!

Absolutely! First, visit our Invest page. There is some information there on how to get involved.
Currently, we are exploring multiple investment options, including private investment, private equity ownership, and franchising. Use the Contact Form on the page to shoot us any questions!