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Whether you’ve rowed your entire life, or you are learning to row for the first time, we have you covered!

Rowing with Total Row

Rowing is a lot more than just sitting down and flailing around as fast as you can. That’s why all First Time Rowers receive 1-1 instruction before class starts, followed by a slow warmup to actively work on the 3 elements of each stroke – Order, Power, and Timing.

Our small class sizes and certified Coaches provide the perfect opportunity to learn to row in a safe and supportive environment.

Great gym, great atmosphere, great instructors. The class is upbeat and the environment is supportive and energetic. The instructors pay close attention to your form and encourage good technique for optimal gains. I rowed seriously for a year prior to moving to Georgia so I feel qualified to say that Total Row is great and I hope that more people catch on to rowing in Atlanta!

Susan A.

Rowing is the Perfect Exercise

Total Body

If you could only choose one exercise to do for the rest of your life – CHOOSE ROWING! Every stroke you take works 90% of your body, including 9 of 11 major muscle groups. Because over half of the work is generated by your lower body (our largest muscle groups), rowing also provides a huge calorie burn – up to 900 calories an hour!

Rowing is a one-stop-shop for fitness, and it is a complete workout all by itself.

Low Impact

One of rowing’s most important benefits is that it is low impact. Whether you have bad knees, a sore back, or injured shoulders, rowing can provide a complete workout with significantly less stress.

Rowing also provides a perfect compliment to any training plan, and it can serve as a way to return from injury.

Experience a FREE WEEK at Total Row

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Every Total Row location offers a Free Week to all First Timers! No matter your age, ability, or experience level, come see what makes our workout so special.

Our Coaches are trained to work with members of all levels, so feel free to ask questions during your free week. Whether you need help understanding the difference between power and order, or a ladder and repeat, we are here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve never rowed before. Will I be able to figure it out?

Great Question! Rowing is as easy as strapping your feet in, driving with your legs, hinging at the waist, and pulling your arms to your chest (before reversing back to the starting position of course!). We always advise that first timers come in about 15 minutes early in order to get acclimated with your equipment, fire questions at your helpful instructor, and practice a few strokes. One rule to follow…Don’t feel embarrassed as a first-timer…we all started somewhere, and we are here to help you!

Why rowing? What does it even do?

Even better question! Rowing is a phenomenal workout for a few important reasons: (1) Rowing is a complete exercise, working 9 major muscle groups and burning up to 900 calories an hour; (2) It is zero impact, meaning you can delay that knee replacement surgery a few more years; and (3) Anyone can do it, as our WaterRowers respond to your effort, making the workout as hard or easy as you want.

What else do you offer besides rowing?

We offer 4 different class styles, each with varying amounts of rowing. Our Row 45 classes are all-rowing. Besides this, classes will use TRX, Kettle Bells, Slam Balls, bodyweight exercises, yoga, and more!

Do you have a recommendation for my first class?

If you are completely new to fitness and rowing, we encourage you to take our Row45 class as your first one. It gives you the basic progression from skills and drills, all the way through a fun, simulated race at the end. You can always go at your own pace, and our crew will support you the entire time. Once you get your feet wet here, try our TR 45 class to incorporate off-machine exercises

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Every location has a different cancellation policy. Please email your location to find out the window to cancel.

When Should I Arrive?

For your first class, please arrive at least 15 minutes early. Our Coaches will make sure you are properly set-up, and they will also give you a brief demonstration if needed. We want to not only ensure you understand the proper mechanics and safety procedures, but also so that our trainers are not distracted from the rest of the class. If this is your first class, please be courteous of other members and be on time and ready for the class to start.

Do You Have Showers?

Most of our locations do have full showering facilities, but it’s best to email or call your specific location prior to class.

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

Besides a positive attitude and closed-toed shoes? No. We will provide your mat, equipment, and a towel. Individual locations will provide varying levels of refreshments, so call ahead for this.

Can I take your classes if I’m pregnant, have had hip/knee replacement, or have had another surgery?

Can I take your classes if I’m pregnant, have had hip/knee replacement, or have had another surgery?

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