Fitness Tracking

Fitness Tracking with Total Row

You work hard. Use our tools to track your progress along the way!

At Total Row, we offer different tools to help you track your fitness progress. These tools are critical for helping make sure you are moving in the right direction and at the right pace!

We use two tools – our TR Tracker and BIA Tracker – to help you monitor both your race times (fitness levels) and body composition (health levels).

TR Tracker

The TR Tracker is proprietary software that allows members to view their historical race performances and PRs (Personal Records). Members simply write down their results on a notecard provided at each station. These results are then recorded in our tracker program. Participants will receive email updates with graphs and charts that clearly display historical progression.

The TR Tracker is FREE for Unlimited Members, Ultimate Package Holders, and Team Memberships, with results emailed individually each week. Other members and package holders will receive a FREE, individual summary each month. Anyone can upgrade to a weekly summary for $10 a month.

BIA Tracker

The BIA Tracker uses state of the art Bio-electrical Impedence Analysis (BIA) from Tanita, which combines with our tracker software to record and analyze your historical progress. This program provides a complete body composition analysis, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, segmental analysis, calorie analysis, and more! Each reading comes with a 1-1 consultation with a trained staff member.

The BIA and associated tracking is FREE for Unlimited Members, Ultimate Package Holders, and Team Memberships once a month. Other members and package holders can purchase a consultation and analysis for $25 (4-pack for $80). For everyone else, it is $40 per reading (4-pack is $140). A FREE analysis is included within your complementary week*!

We recommend an analysis at least quarterly and no more than once a month.

*Intro special only

To schedule your first BIA appointment, email us at or use the Contact Us box below!

I am a fit 55 year old woman and had been looking for an HIIT style class to round out my training. I went to a variety of studios in town and mostly what I saw was opportunities to get hurt and deafening music. A much younger friend suggested that I try Total Row and it is the perfect fit. The staff is very knowledgeable, helpful, and enthusiastic. The classes have surprisingly good variety. It’s not all just rowing. The schedule is great as it includes a midday class which often works well for me, and the class prices are very, very reasonable, especially when compared to places like Blast and Flywheel. They offer the first week free and you don’t have to sign a contract to get a good price. I am a big fan and would encourage people of all fitness levels to give it a try.

Laura H


Love the studio and classes! Instructors remain upbeat and positive without being over the top. They maintain consistent emphasis on form, making it easy to learn and stay engaged throughout the class.

5/5 stars!!

Chris T


Great gym, great atmosphere, great instructors. The class is upbeat and the environment is supportive and energetic. The instructors pay close attention to your form and encourage good technique for optimal gains. I rowed seriously for a year prior to moving to Georgia so I feel qualified to say that Total Row is great and I hope that more people catch on to rowing in Atlanta!

Susan A


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