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What is Total Row?

Total Row takes a unique approach to group fitness and is the largest rowing-centric fitness boutique in Atlanta. Total Row takes advantage of rowing’s unique benefits in every class: low impact, total body, and calorie torching. With the added benefit of Slam Balls, Kettle Bells, TRX, and more in our signature TR45 classes, this is your complete fitness destination!

Total Row’s commitment to members’ success and supportive approach is second to none! TR offers a wide range of benefits, including nutrition advice, personal training, body composition analysis, friendly competitions, and more! This is an Atlanta fitness community you don’t want to miss!

Why Total Row?

Simply put, WHAT WE DO WORKS! As a single exercise movement, rowing is unmatched in its total body effectiveness and efficiency. Not only is rowing an amazing cardio exercise, it targets 9 of 11 major muscle groups with each stroke (that’s about 90% of your body!).

Indoor rowing, even without the added benefit of our targeted circuit training, is one of the most complete exercises available. Members should expect to burn up to 900 calories per hour. Rowing provides a perfect cross training workout for any athlete, and it is scalable to any injury or ability.

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Total Row Fitness is what I have been looking for in a workout class. The music is not so loud that it takes over the class like some of the premium name classes. The two owners are the nicest people in town. Elliott and Lauren will take the time to show you proper rowing technique on their state of the art rowing machines. These machines use actual water for resistance instead of fans or knobs– How can you get any closer to the real thing? The workout is completely zero impact, but left me sore for days. I can leave the gym knowing I did healthy endurance and strength training. The miniature relay races, challenges, and tabatas will always have my competitive nature coming back for more. If you are interested in a very quality class that is unique or you are just tired of running, give them a try. You will not regret it.

John B.