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Total Row Studios are currently closed for in-person classes owing to the Covid-19 outbreak. We will continue to provide classes LIVE at the links below. Live classes are at 7:30am and 12 each weekday, and 9am on the weekends! Replays can be found in the section below.

To take a class live, just be on this page at the designated start time. Total Row will start the video when it’s time to begin. Feel free to expand your video full screen for a better point-of-view. No prior sign-up is required!

Please check our schedule below to see what classes are upcoming! During this interim period, all online classes will be FREE! If you are NOT a paying member, please consider donating to the program using the PayPal link below so we can continue paying our Coaches during the closure. Thanks!

Weekday 7:30am Class

Class will start automatically at the designated time

Weekday 12:00pm Class

Class will start automatically at the designated time

Sat/Sun 9:00am Class

Class will start automatically at the designated time

Recorded Videos

We take our best live classes and keep them available for you at any time! Recorded Videos will be added over time as they are shot.

Yoga Fusion

Yoga, but a little more! We take a standard yoga flow and crank it up to a TR-worthy level!

Body-Weight HIIT

No weights, no problem! A 30 minute high-intensity class using only what your momma gave you!

Modified TR30

Our famous TR45 in a 30 minute version. While rowing is included, we help you modify for whatever you have available!


All rowing, all the time! 30 minutes of power, speed, and mixed sets!

Most Popular Classes

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