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Personal Training With Total Row

Customizable Solutions that are as Unique as You!

Group Fitness + Personal Training in any combination that suits your needs!

Total Row offers a different (and we believe better!) take on the personal training platform. We let you customize the package to fit your specific needs, while also designing the program around our fun group classes to boost the accountability and camaraderie (if desired)! Because you can buy our Ultimate Package (which includes an Olympic Membership plus a weekly PT session) or individual 1-1 training sessions, you can mix and match the program to fit your budget, schedule, and goals!

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Ultimate Package


This is the pinnacle of training at Total Row! Not only do you get an Olympic Membership (unlimited classes and access), but you will also receive 2 personal training sessions a month (more available at discounted purchase)! We will have scheduled goal planning sessions, regular weigh-ins, and BIA measurements and tracking. Whether your goal is to run a marathon, lose weight, or take your fitness to the next level – this membership is the ultimate way to reach your individual fitness goals!

Ultimate members will have the accountability, individual coaching, and nutritional services of a personal trainer, PLUS the camaraderie and support of the ENTIRE crew!

Private Session

$50/members; $65/non-members


This is PERSONAL training at its finest! The Total Row staff will design private sessions that are tailored to help you achieve your goals! Whether you want to lift heavy, row fast, or a combination of everything, we have you covered!

These sessions typically take place at Total Row’s Buckhead location. Meeting at a different location is also available if prearranged. Sessions can be purchased in larger quantities at a more discounted price (email for details!).

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