The Workout

A Total Fitness Program

The Perfect Exercise in the Perfect Format

Backed by Science… Built With Passion.

Not Just a Workout – a TOTAL Program

At Total Row, you will experience a complete fitness program that is uncommon to boutique fitness. Rather than looking at only a single class experience, we look at your ENTIRE fitness journey from start to finish.

Everything, in One Location

Our program was founded on high-quality rowing. Commonly referred to as the “Perfect Exercise,” rowing can build aerobic capacity and strengthen your entire body, all at little to no impact on your joints.

To compliment our diverse rowing program, we incorporate Kettle Bells, Slam Balls, Suspension Bands, and more. Classes change everyday, ensuring that each workout is perfectly tailored to deliver the optimum calorie burn and strength development. We even offer yoga in our Row + Flow classes, to help you complete your full training program.

Diversity at the Core of the Program


As a single exercise movement, rowing is unmatched in its effectiveness and efficiency. Not only is rowing an amazing cardio exercise, it targets 9 of 11 major muscle groups with each stroke (that’s about 90% of your body!). Members should expect to burn up to 900 calories per hour. We include rowing in every class, using the Perfect Exercise as the basis for our workout program.


Strength training is the yin to cardio’s yang. While many fitness programs specialize in one or the other, we have combined the two in a way that delivers a complete workout regardless of age or ability. Don’t get bored. Don’t lose focus. Take advantage of Total Row’s daily diversity to drive continuous improvement.


We want to help you reach your goals just as much as you do! Our diverse rowing program will drastically improve your cardio, while driving sustained weight loss. Our tactical strength training will help you get stronger in all the right areas. Our low impact approach will help you recover from injury, or add the perfect cross-training element to any fitness plan.

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