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Rowing is the Best HIIT Workout

Learn more about incorporating rowing into your HIIT routine. Rowing is the Best HIIT Workout It seems like everywhere you look, HIIT workouts are popping up. In classes, with personal trainers, on the Internet, everyone is looking for what makes the best HIIT workout...

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The Benefits of Rowing

The Benefits of Rowing and Why This is One Exercise You Can’t Miss! The Benefits of Rowing Rowing has an apt nickname – “The Perfect Exercise.” While this phrasing may seem slightly excessive, we argue in today’s post that few other...

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The Science of Losing Weight

Stop guessing and start thinking – Total Row presents the science of losing weight. I Want to Lose Weight; Where do I Start? It’s always fascinating when such a basic and common question can be so seemingly complex. Not a week goes by at Total Row without...

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Yes, Rowing Form Matters

Dont be fooled by hype I was watching a video from a popular boutique gym that prominently highlights rowing. During an artistic pan across the rowing section (which featured glistening models hard at work), the “instructor” can be heard in the background...

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Proper Rowing Form: Reverse Pick Drill

Proper Rowing Form with Total Row Rowing has always been a sport where form is paramount, and it’s no different at Total Row. Without the proper order, timing, and power, rowing becomes ineffective, and sometimes, painful. Practicing your form with drills...

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How to Lower Your 500m Race Time

For anyone that’s taken a class at Total Row, you know that we finish each session with one of our 3 races: 1) 500m for time, 2) 1:30 for distance, or 3) Tabata for distance. We believe this provides a great trackable metric, and a fun way to test against...

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