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Rowing vs. Spin: Why ALL Cyclists Should be Rowing


ROWING VS. SPIN: WHY ALL CYCLISTS SHOULD BE ROWING Written by Total Row Fitness owner Elliott Smith In Total Row’s “Rowing vs the World series,” it takes a look at how rowing as a sport and exercise compares to other fitness disciplines. Total Row loves all of our fitness peers, and the desire of this […]

Total Row Nutrition: Eating Properly While Exercising and Pregnant

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TOTAL ROW NUTRITION: EATING PROPERLY WHILE EXERCISING AND PREGNANT We already told you about all the amazing benefits of rowing through your pregnancy. While exercise and activity during pregnancy are extremely important, a healthy diet during pregnancy is INSANELY important, but not just for the reason you might think. Nutrition Contribution from Megan Kober at […]

Total Row Demystifies Fitness: EPOC (or “Afterburn”)

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TOTAL ROW DEMYSTIFIES FITNESS: EPOC (OR “AFTERBURN”) In its Demystifying Fitness series, Total Row tackles the most confusing and misunderstood areas of fitness – all in under 500 words! Today, it takes on EPOC, or “Afterburn.”   Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC or “Afterburn”) is a hard to say, misunderstood, and important phrase being incorrectly […]